Course Curriculum

    1. Trailer: How He Loves (Audio)

    2. Trailer: How He Loves (Video)

    1. God (Audio)

    2. God (Video)

    1. Yourself (Audio)

    2. Yourself (Video)

    1. Parents (Audio)

    2. Parents (Video)

    1. "Ships" (Audio)

    2. "Ships" (Video)

About This Course

  • 4 Lessons
  • Audio and Video
  • Sponsored by Youth Worker Community


Elisa, Youth Worker Community

Your host Elisa is part of Youth Worker Community, a leading Canadian ministry that exists to empower youth workers to help the next generation know Jesus. She is also a pastor at Beulah Alliance Church in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
  • Our Identities Aren’t Defined by the World Around Us, but by Our Creator

    Let’s talk about how our identity isn't defined by the world around us but by our Creator, who intricately knows us and guides us toward confidence, stability, and purpose.

  • Our Relationships With Our Parents Are Meant to Be Honoured in All Situations

    Let's explore the roles of parents and children, and discuss how sin has affected these relationships and the importance of honouring our parents in all situations.

  • Our Relationships With Others Impact Our Faith

    Let’s talk about “ships,” from building strong friendships to nurturing godly romantic connections, and how cultivating healthy relationships impacts our faith.

I Want to Build and Nurture Godly Relationships